Kiirtana Retreat at Ananda Kanan, August 8 – 14, 2021

Summer is now at hand, and we would like to use the opportunity to meet with you, enjoy the beautiful natural environment at Ananda Kanan, and enjoy singing Kiirtana and doing meditation together.  

The Ananda Marga online programs have enabled us to enjoy Satsaunga and many interesting classes, Katha Kiirtana, RAWA Programs, etc., from our homes. The online programs have also helped connecting talents and speakers that would otherwise have been difficult to bring together in one program. We have learned a lot from those programs and will probably continue to utilize this platform for our programs. However, nothing compares to enjoying Kiirtana and nature together in an in-person retreat.

Ananda Kanan is waiting for you to enjoy a Kiirtana Retreat this summer! We want to bring maximum positive energy and attract positive microvita by singing Akhanda Kiirtana every day for seven days at Ananda Kanan. The Kiirtan Retreat will combine lots of Kiirtana, plenty of outdoor activities, classes, cooking, and sharing meals together.

Program Highlights:

  • Daily Akhanda Kiirtana
  • Outing to the River
  • Walking the Ananda Kanan Trails 
  • Classes and Workshops
  • Cooking and sharing meals together
  • RAWA Cultural Evenings
  • Prabhata Samgiita Class
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Participation Fees:

Registration Fees

  • Adults: $400
  • Couples: $600
  • Students: $200
  • Children 0 – 11 years: On donation basis
  • Children/Teenagers 12 – 17 years: $100

We decided to keep the registration fees more simple and lower this year so that you may easier afford to attend the retreat. You are welcome to add a donation to the registration fee to support Ananda Kanan and cover other expenses related to the retreat. If you have any financial difficulties, please contact the organizing committee. 


Ananda Kanan
3157 County Road 1670
Willow Springs MO 65793
United States

By flight: the Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF) is the closest airport to Ananda Kanan. We can pick you up at the airport or the Springfield, MO, Greyhound bus station. It is about one and half an hour from Ananda Kanan. Flights to Saint Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) are often cheaper but it is three and half an hour drive to Ananda Kanan. If you fly to STL, you can rent a car from the airport or contact us for possibility of ride-share.

By Car: From Highway 63 take the UU road until Country Road 1670 (second crossing). Turn left and go straight around 1 mile until you come to the gate on the left.


Pay by PayPal: 

If you want to send directly from your PayPal account, please use the email address:
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Pay by Zelle

You can pay by Zelle by using the email:
You can access Zelle at your online banking website or app. It is an inter-bank system with no transfer fees and instant 

Pay by Check:

Please address the check to “Ananda Marga, Inc.” and send by post to

Ananda Marga, Inc
2005 Wheaton Haven Court
Silver Spring MD 20902
United States

Please mention that it is for the Ananda Kanan Kiirtana Retreat, August 2021

Refund Policy

All registration fees are refundable up to 48 hours before the start of the event (minus any transaction fees.) If you are sick and cannot attend the retreat, we will always consider and refund the fees or transfer to another event. The safety and comfort of our participants is our priority.

Prohibited Items

It is not allowed to bring any tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants. Food will be provided. Please do not bring any meat, fish, eggs, onion, garlic, mushrooms or any food containing those items. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

Link to Ananda Kanan Website: